Our Machines

At Scott’s Mini Excavation, we’re well equipped to tackle both small and larger excavation jobs. Our operators take great pride in their work, and use great care when working on-site.


39 inch wide excavator, 1.7 tons with rubber tracks.  Ideal for getting into small places.


68 inch wide excavator, 3.5 tons with rubber tracks. Great for larger jobs that still require narrower tracks.


76 inch wide excavator, 6.5 tons with rubber tracks. Our largest excavator able to handle the big jobs.

1 ton Track Barrel

40 inches wide able to carry 1.5 tons at a time. Ideal for getting dirt out of tight spaces, narrow side yards.

Skid Steers

Wheel and track skid steers 3 and 4 ton machines.  Both 65 inches wide and ideal for spreading and grading and snow removal.  Both able to load full size dump trucks.

Dump Trucks

2 tandem dump trucks both able to carry 14 tons.

Grapple Bucket Attachement

Grapple bucket ideal for blackberry bush removal.

Concrete Breaker

Narrow design, rubber tracks. Quick for breaking up old concrete or asphalt drieways, pads or sidewalks.